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Open VS Enclosed

There are many different choices that are involved in a move, including those that are associated with car shipping. Many different companies operate this type of service, but there are many aspects that most consumers do not know about. When confronted by the term ‘auto transport’, most people simply think of the large trailers that haul multiple cars and trucks down the highway. This, however, is only a single choice that consumers have these days when it comes to shipping a vehicle.

Open Car Shipping

The term ‘open shipping’ describes this type of auto transport fairly well. Open shipping refers to open car carriers with the capacity to haul ten cars at one time. These trailers are the industry standard, and nearly all cars that are shipped travel by this method. Many people are familiar with this method because it is seen in many places. Most dealerships get their vehicles by open shipping, and these car carriers are seen on the highways quite often.

Open Shipping Drawbacks

There are a few drawbacks to open shipping that consumers should be aware of. One of the most prevalent is the fact that these shipping options leave vehicles open to the elements. While this usually results in no problems, there are occasional issues with hail and other roadside debris. It is important to know this before you ship your vehicle in the event that there is damage done in transit. This is why proper insurance coverage is so vitally important, because in many cases, the shipping company has no way of controlling the elements that your vehicle is exposed to.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Closed shipping services are numerous in the industry today. Many companies offer closed services, but they are much more expensive than open. Closed carriers can normally only haul four to five vehicles at a time, so it is easy to see where the extra cost comes from. At the same time, these vehicles are not subjected to the elements throughout the trip, and they are totally protected from many of the problems that open shipping has to deal with. Most experts recommend closed shipping for vehicles that have a high value or that are special in some way. Classic cars are usually shipped by the closed method rather than the open.

Knowing the Difference

For consumers, knowing the difference between these two services can save money. Do not let a company try to talk you into closed services when you simply need transport. For the normal vehicle, open shipping will be just fine. As long as insurance covers the vehicle, open shipping in the way to go. Much cheaper and easier to come by, open shipping offers consumers an affordable method of car shipping today.


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